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Filter Sugarcane Juice

Machine: Horizontal Vibrating Screen®

Sugarcane Juice Filtration

Watch how Linea SIVTEK, The horizontal vibrating screen has assisted leading brands to remove bagasse from sugar Juice with a high throughput capacity.

The Linea SIVTEK is designed to give high throughput and high-efficiency separation for bilk solids, granules, or liquids. DSM screen used in the sugarcane factory does not remove all the Bagasse from sugarcane juice. Therefore SIVTEK Linear Vibrating Sieve is used to remove the smallest amount of impurity which can be a disaster to product quality.

Linea SIVTEK is a powerful sifter that has a robust sieving ability to drastically increase quality as well as productivity. Because this screening machine comes with a horizontal leaning large screening area. This also gives the maximum time for the material to move on the screen and get the highest efficiency.

Many leaders in the sugar industry prefer to install Linear Vibrating Screens after the removal of bagasse and many different stages of sugar processing. Galaxy Sivtek is also providing a trial facility to trial run your product before purchasing the sieving machine.


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