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Fly Ash

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Check Screening Solution for Fly Ash

Our robust, functional & optimal range of industrial sifters has contributed in screening, sieving, de-dusting, scalping, and grading to multiple products & applications of 12 + industries since 1991!

Our gyratory separator, vibrating sieving machine, inline Vibro screens, centrifugal sifter, and automatic filters are capable of sieving & screening unique applications, one of them being floating fly ash.

Fly ash is a major contributor to the construction & infrastructure industries as it is among the prime raw material for making cement-based products like poured concrete, concrete block, and bricks.

The above video showcases an in-house trial being conducted for screening fly ash with help of our vibrating sieve machine – Sivtek Vibro Separator®.

Achieve accurate particle size with high power gyratory separator & get high-quality material.



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