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Glass Wool

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator ®

Sivtek Vibro Separator for Glass Wool

Glass wool is a material made from glass fibers which is a good insulating material and its texture is similar to wool. It is made from natural sand and recycled glass. these materials are mixed and heated at 1500 °C to produce glass. The glass wool is prepared in the same way the cotton candy is made using centripetal force. Processed thoroughly and the wool mat is stored in rolls or panels.

Glass wools are commonly used for insulation for ceiling purposes. Wall insulations, Insulation in air conditioning, soundproofing, etc. Therefore the raw material which is used in the preparation of glass wool has to be impurity-free and of high quality. Silica sand is majorly used in the preparation of glass which may consist of the uneven size of rock particles and other unwanted impurities.

The Vibro separator of the bigger deck is used in this position to remove any unwanted solid particles and improve the sand quality. the video shows the glass wool in powder form poured on a Vibro sifter to remove oversize materials and unwanted particles introduced while material handlings, such as metal particles, screws, or plastic items of any kind.

The vibrating sieve will give high throughput capacity and accurate gradation of the material. this will help the material to have proper sizing of particles and improves the final product quality.



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