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Iron Powder

Machine: SIVTEK Vibro Separator®

Sieving Iron Powder

The Iron powder is one of the best industrial raw material to make tools, welding, coating & making alloys. A small amount of impurity can damage the final product. Due to this reason, Industry leaders are preferred to sieve iron powder with our one of the best sieving machine. It can sieve the material under fine mesh with multiple gradations.

Sieving Iron Powder with SIVTEK Vibrating Separator gives you maximum throughput capacity with effective gradation & let you sieve ultrafine particles. In this video, iron powder is separated at #325 using our Super Sivtek Separator. Sieving in such a fine mesh is always an impossible task, but our sifters make it possible and give an optimum result with high accuracy.

This separator gives you 3 times more performance than a traditional vibro sifter. Coming with a high power vibrating motor Galaxy Sivtke gives you 24/7 support on any issues which does not satisfy your needs.


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