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Metal Powder

Machine: SIVTEK Vibro Separator®

Metal Powder Separation

Metal powder can be used in many different applications. The application demands different sizes of metal powder. Multilayer screening of Metal Powder is made possible with the help of SIVTEK Vibro Sifter. The Galaxy Sivtek’s Sieving equipment provides you with robust sieving solutions that last for a longer time.

Vibratory Sieve from Galaxy Sivtek gives you accurate multiple gradations of metal powder. Sieving Machine runs in such a speed that gives you highest output capacity and efficiency.

Galaxy Sivtek is the worldwide sieving and filtration equipment manufacturer who believes in delivering quality products. We are known for our 24/7 after sales support which never lets you shut down your processing line. We ensure that your production runs all the time whenever you sieve your metal powder.

Galaxy Sivtek is having the largest trial facility to check the sieving capacity of the separator on your product. Feel free to contact a Sieving Expert from Galaxy Sivtek.


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