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Nodulated Wool

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Screening Nodulated Wool with Vibro Separator

Galaxy Sivtek has been one of the major contributors to the metal & mineral industry by providing A-to-Z sieving, screening, grading & filtration solution.

Almost any kind of metal, minerals, metal powders, or mineral powders like mica powder, zinc powder, graphite powder, metal powder, nodulated wool, and more can easily be sieved, graded & screened with our wide range of Vibro separators, inline sifters, rotary sifters, centrifugal screeners, and horizontal vibrating screens.

Here is one such onsite video of screening nodulated wool with our robust gyratory separator – The Sivtek Vibro Separator®.

Our vibrating sieving machine is being used for improving the quality of nodulated wool by removing foreign particles, unwanted substances & impurities along with oversize particulates.



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