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Poultry Feed Gradation

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Poultry Feed Gradation With Sivtek Vibro Separator

Poultry, livestock and pet foods are the mixtures of grains, meat, fat, vitamins and minerals. This should be given in proper size to the desired animal. Screening Poultry Feed with SIVTEK Vibro Separator will improve the quality of the final product with accurate gradation.

Two or three decks vibrating sieve can grade the material so accurately that it gives you the optimum results. Galaxy Sivtek Vibro screen is developed to give you high throughput capacity and high efficiency. Mesh blinding is the major problem with animal feed, but Galaxy Sivtek is having multiple Deblinding solutions that no monitoring is needed to blind the screen. Therefore manpower is reduced.

Galaxy Sivtek gives you a sieving solution that gives you lifetime support from us because we are committed to quality and committed to you.

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