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Raw Sugar Juice (Mixed Juice)

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Round Vibro Separator for Raw Sugar Juice

Our ultra-optimal Vibro separator, inline sifter, rotary sifter, centrifugal screener, Horizontal vibrating screen, & self-cleaning filters have proven record to serve the sugar manufacturing process from its very initial stage.

From filtering raw sugar juice to filtering sugar syrup, from sorting sugar into different sizes to safety screening of sugar before packing, our sieving & filtration machines are active almost at every stage of the sugar manufacturing process.

Above is one such onsite video of our gyratory separator named Sivtek 360° Discharge Separator® for filtering sugar juice at the sugar mill.

The reason to select the 360° separator was only & only maximum efficient filtration. The wet & dry bagacillo remained after the crushing of sugarcane gets thrown out from the 360° periphery allowing the screen mesh to be blockage free along with maximum filtration output.



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