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Screen Chilli Powder

Machine: Inline Sivtek®

Screening Chilli Powder With Low Headroom Separator

Spices! They are the story of every kitchen & essentials of every cook & chef! Any cuisine of the world might be incomplete if the touch of flavors or spices is not given to it.

Not only do herbs & spices hold extreme importance for cooking, but it also holds supreme importance for making ayurvedic medicines since ancient times.

Our wide range of gyratory separators has a proven record for sieving, screening, de-dusting, grading, & sorting several spices like chili powder, turmeric powder, mixed spices, coriander powder, garam masala, & more.

The above onsite video showcases how our vibrating sieve is being used for check screening chili powder at the spice manufacturing plant. If you are also looking to sieve or filter any of your products with our wide range of industrial sifters or filters, please get in touch now!

inline sieve


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