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Screening Detergent Powder

Machine: Roto Sifter®

Check Screening Detergent Powder With Roto Sifter

Detergent powder manufacturing is giving high competition in the market. But the only high-quality of detergent powder manufacturer will survive in this competitive market. The quality of detergent powder can be removed by installing a Sieving solution at the specific area in the processing line.

A centrifugal Separator named SIVTEK Roto Sifter can sieve Detergent Powder under no vibration and noise less than 80db. This sifter only screens the detergent powder but also removes lumps created due to humidity and storage periods. The Sifter is installed before the packaging line so that no lumps or unwanted impurities can be introduced into the packaged material.

Galaxy Sivtek sieving solutions are made simple to give high capacity and accurate separation. It is easy to clean and change the screen basket due to its user-friendly frame assembly.

Galaxy Sivtek also provides high-quality genuine spare parts for sifters and filters which will keep your processing plant running all the time. Contact us now for the sieving and filtering solution for your product.

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