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Screening Starch Powder

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Separate Starch Powder With Vibro Separator

Galaxy Sivtek has a profound range of modern industrial sifters that are capable of providing 3 times more output as compared to conventional sifters while sieving various flours & starch. From sieving wheat fours to screening maize & tapioca starch, we cover almost every kind of flours available on market.

Here is one such video showing a glimpse of Sivtek Vibro Separator® installed at one of our client’s plants who is a globally known tapioca & maize starch manufacturer.

The circular vibrating screen separator is being used for screening tapioca starch. The starch consists of moisture, which tends to form lumps. The client wanted a sieving machine that could provide optimal screening efficiency despite such characteristics of starch.



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