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Sieve Zinc Ash Powder

Machine: Circular Vibro Separator®

Sieve Zinc Ash Powder with Vibro Separator

Explore the on-site video of zinc ash powder being screened with a SIVTEK Vibro separator at a renowned mineral manufacturing company. The Vibro sifter provides accurate separation of the powder and removes oversize impurities.

Zinc ash is used in various industries and applications. It is used in food, pharma, agriculture, coating, and many more industries. Zinc ash is a flammable material that’s why proper care is taken while sieving the product on the sifter. An earthing clip is attached to the machine to avoid fire hazards and specially designed flameproof vibrating motors are used.

Galaxy Sivtek provides extra care and safety while sieving your product. The SIVTEK equipments are designed to provide high-quality screening results and sustainable solutions.



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