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Sieving Activated Carbon

Machine: Sivtek Vibro Separator®

Sieving Activated Carbon With Vibro Separator

Activated carbon is also known as Activated charcoal. It is the carbon form having low-volume small pores that increase the surface area for absorption or chemical reaction. Activated carbon is used in vast applications like air filters, water filters, medical, agricultural, Gas purification, chemical purification and many more.

Activated carbon is in the powder form. it comes into different size and shapes and this effects the application uses. Different industries require activated carbon in certain sizes to use it into their applications. Therefore Galaxy Sivtek comes into the picture.

Galaxy Sivtek is the largest manufacturer of Vibro Sieves and Self Cleaning Filter, Activated Carbon is also the one industry to which we are providing the solutions since ages. This product requires to be screened through SIVTEK Vibro Separator to grade the powder into different sizes. The vibrating sieve can easily let you achieve accurate gradation and removes unwanted impurities which can be present in the powder.

Watch how SIVTEK Vibro Sifter has assisted leading minerals brands to increase product quality of Activated Carbon Powder & its production throughput.


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