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Sieve Coconut Shell Powder

Machine: SIVTEK Vibro Separator®

Sieving Coconut Shell Powder With Vibro Sifter

Coconut shell powder is obtained from the coconut shell. This powder is used as raw material in many applications like mosquito coils, phenolic resins, instant sticks, filter for plywood & synthetic glue. size shape and purity of this powder is very much important for making the above applications.

A quality product is everyone demands. Galaxy Sivtek is assisting more than 12+ industries and giving quality sieving solutions to more than 1200+ big brands. Coconut shell powder can be screened through SIVTEK Vibro Separator for quality screening as well as multilayer vibrating sieve can be used for gradation.

Vibro sifter can remove unwanted materials like metals, flakes, granules & other impurities which are introduced with human interaction. Galaxy Sivtek provides a robust solution which can run without any interruption and gives high throughput per unit mesh area. A perfect screening solution for Coconut Shell Powder is with Galaxy Sivtek. A SIVTEK Vibro Separator can give high throughput capacity with high efficiency. Contact us Now!


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