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Sieving Glucose Powder

Machine: Super Sivtek®

Sieving Glucose Powder With Vibratory Sieve

Being India’s prime Vibro sifter manufacturers, we have supplied industrial sifters, gyratory separators, vibrating sieving machines & self-cleaning filters for diversified products & applications for more than 12+ industries.

Glucon –D powder is among one such product. We have provided our robust Super Sivtek Separator® – Premium vibrating sieving machines for check screening glucose powder before packaging.

Glucon –D is one of the most trusted energy drink brands across the globe. Glucon-D is a glucose powder that helps to enrich Vitamin C & minerals for being energetic & active in extreme heat.

The above video shows a glimpse from in house trial conducted for efficiently screening Glucon-D with help of Super Sivtek Separator®

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