Aluminium Powder

SIVTEK Vibro Screener with Vibrasonic Deblinding System has assisted leading Mineral and metal brands to increase product quality of Aluminium Powder. In the form of powder, aluminium is used in many applications such as manufacturing of slurry, explosives, detonators, many alloys and fabrication purposes. All of these application demands a high quality of aluminium powder.

High-Quality aluminium powder is an accurate particle size of the metal powder. That can be obtained by a Vibro Separator which can screen the material under fine mesh with accuracy. Any impurity or uneven size of the aluminium powder can put defects in the application.

Gyratory Separator from Galaxy Sivtek sieve the material and gives accurate gradation. As a result, the exact size of the material can be obtained. The Vibrating sieve can be manufactured with multiple gradation options. When the fine mesh is installed, it requires VDS (Vibrasonic Deblinding System) to deblined the chocked mesh.

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