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Check Screening Wheat Flour – Trial Video

Check-screening of wheat flour is the essential process in any flour mill processing line. Lumps or impurities can be a disaster to flour quality. To improve the quality of wheat flour, industry leaders are preferring inline SIVTEK as the best industrial sifter which gives optimum results under the fine mesh.

Galaxy Sivtek ads another advantage to gyratory screen separator! that is its low headroom design which fits easily into the processing line. Cleaning and maintaining the gyro sieve is made simple to reduce maintenance time.

The above video shows that how SIVTEK Inline Sifter accurately sieves the wheat flour and gives high throughput in 30#. The lid can be fitted on top of the sifter to avoid dusting and loss of valuable material.

Contact our sieving experts and book a slot to try your sample wheat flour in the biggest trial facility at Galaxy Sivtek.

Screening of Wheat Flour | Galaxy Sivtek
Screening of Wheat Flour | Galaxy Sivtek

A successful trial conducted for one of the renowned Bakery at Galaxy’s R & D lab. The machine used for Check Screening of Wheat Flour is Inline SIVTEK® Dual Motor with 30# (30 Mesh)

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