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Check Screening or Sieving Corn Starch – Video Trial

Check Screening of corn starch is made simple with SIVTEK Vibro Screens. Safety screening of corn starch requires to sieve under the fine mesh. As in check screeing lesser, the oversize particles are more time needed to screen the product.

Galaxy Sivtek is providing a feeding control system which helps the material to flow on the center and limit the pressure on the screen. This helps in low maintenance cost and low manpower involvement.

Inline Sifters are specially made for check screening purposes. Therefore high accuracy is required if the particle size is low. Galaxy Sivtek screen ring works for the long term and gives you satisfactory outcomes.

Inline Sifter comes with one single mounted vibratory motor which gives enough vibration to pass the material from the screener and removes unwanted impurities and lumps. The video clearly shows that lumps are separated from the ultrafine corn starch.

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Safety Screening of Corn Starch | Galaxy Sivtek
Safety Screening of Corn Starch | Galaxy Sivtek

How Inline SIVTEK have assisted leading Food & Beverage brands to increase product quality (Corn Starch) & production throughput. Watch Video Now.

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