cough Syrup

One of the reputed pharmaceutical company in Bangladesh were looking for a reliable filtration partner who can assist them in the long run. We! Galaxy Sivtek is the company situated in the heart of Gujarat, India. Who are the world's largest sieving and filtration specialist.

They wanted to filter their cough syrup to remove oversized particles from the mixture. Galaxy Sivtek has given a robust set-up which can be easily introduced in their production area and gives them an automated filtration experience which does not need any manpower to operate it.

The Self Cleaning Filter comes with a Filter Control System which sets the time of the actuator and the piston. The Inline Filter works smoothly in a long run.

The SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter can filter Cough Syrup with high efficiency and removes unwanted particles giving you optimum results. Contact SIVTEK  expert today!

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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