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Recycled Water filtration from the dehydrated onion

Dehydrated vegetables & fruits have a huge market in food industries. Food processing industries are demanding quality veg powders, granules or flakes. manufacturing dehydrated food materials can contain impurities & metal particles which can harm the quality of the final product.

Galaxy Sivtek provides overall sieving and filtering solutions which can install sieving solutions at a proper location to improve quality and reduce rejections. It is bulk onion, flakes, powder or liquid. SIVTEK sieving solutions can easily fit into the system and gives optimum results.

Filtration of dehydrated onion is made easy with installing the Self Cleaning Filter into the processing line. This filter works on the ΔP(Delta P) principal i.e. on pressure difference principal allowing continuous filtering process. The advantages of the Self Cleaning Filter is its automatic cleaning system. A pneumatic shaft moves along the basket and removes the oversize material in the purging chamber.

The fully automated filter does not require any human interaction. Thus works 24/7 without any interrupts and downtime. Contact Galaxy Sivtek expert and ask how you can improve the quality of dehydrated onion liquid.

Recycled Water From Dehydrated Onion - Trial Video
Recycled Water From Dehydrated Onion - Trial Video

Galaxy Sivtek has Helped a Diversified Entity Present Across four Continents. A Second Largest Micro-Irrigation Company in the World with its SIVTEK Self Cleaning Liquid Filter to Recycle Water.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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