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Sieving Detergent Powder With Vibro Separator

Detergent powder manufacturer always craves to produce high quality of the detergent powder. When the powder contains lumps or other impurities, it is hard to stand by the client expectations for the detergent powder manufacturer. Therefore Galaxy Sivtek has developed a multi-level Vibro Sifter to ensure manufacture get the accurate gradation of detergent powder and removes unwanted impurities and lums.

The Gyratory separator from Galaxy Sivtek is made with high-quality steel and advanced sieving technology that can be trusted for a longer period of time. The sifter can run for continuous operating hours without any breakdown. The sieving machine comes with an easy clamping system which enables the operator to quickly change the mesh screen.

Improving the quality of detergent powder with SIVTEK Vibro Separator. Galaxy Sivtek also provides a free trial facility to estimate the throughput capacity of your future SIVTEK Vibro Sifter.

Screening Detergent Powder
Screening Detergent Powder

The Sivtek Separator is specially designed to remove lumps and contamination from detergent powder or raw material before mixing. This will guarantee the even and consistent final product in packing.

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