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De-Watering Digester Slurry – Trial Video

Galaxy Sivtek Sieving machines are made to run in different environmental conditions. The Video shows how you can de-water the digester slurry. Digester slurries are used as fertilizer for crops and flowers. These slurries are specially de-watered through a Vibro Separator and water content is removed from the mixer.

This process requires a high throughput sifter which can handle the flow of feeding. Mesh breakdown or machine defects can put you into wastage of time as well as manpower and cost. Sieving and Filtering solutions from Galaxy Sivtek provides you robust sieving solution with 24/7 support.

Galaxy Sivtek believes in quality commitments. After Sales team from Galaxy Sivtek keeps your processing plant up and running all the time. If any issue arises Sivtek team arranges for genuine SIVTEK Spares and quickly deployed at the running site.

De-Watering of Digester Slurry | Galaxy Sivtek
De-Watering of Digester Slurry | Galaxy Sivtek

How SIVTEK Vibro Separator have assisted leading Agriculture & Fertilizer brands to increase product quality of Digester Slurry & production throughput. Watch Video Now.

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