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Dolomite Powder

Minerals & the metal industry play a crucial role in shaping and contributing world economy & we are proud to be an indirect cause of being involved in such an economy driving industry.

Our Vibro separator, inline sifter, rotary sifter, centrifugal screener, Horizontal vibrating screen, & self-cleaning filters have helped in sieving, screening, grading, sorting, de-dusting, scalping & filtration of various mineral & metal applications.

The above is the onsite video showcasing how dolomite powder is being screened & graded with a low profile separator named Inline Sivtek®.

One of Asia’s leading mineral processing & manufacturing brand uses our low headroom vibrating sieve for screening dolomite powder to separate oversize particles & achieve an accurate fine powder.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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