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Sieving Dextrin Powder With Separator – Trial Video

Dextrin Powder has many industrial uses like coating agent for textile fabric, used in fireworks, gum, ink and many more. Purity and proper sizing are mandatory for dextrin manufacturer to produce a quality product.

Galaxy Sivtek is providing overall sieving and filtering solutions in more than 12+ industries and has installed quality sifters and filters across the world. Dextrin powder manufacturing process goes through many processes where sieving dextrin powder is necessary to remove lumps and unwanted particles.

Super Sivtek separator is the high power separator from Galaxy Sivtek which gives 3 times more vibration than a conventional vibro sifter. This will give you high throughput and high efficiency of the material screened. This machine gives higher vibration per unit mesh area, therefore, giving much accurate sieving results.

Galaxy Sivtek is having the largest trial facility to test your sieving requirement on a live machine. Contact Sivtek expert now! and ask for a product trial of Dextrin Powder.

Sieving Dextrin Powder with round separator
Sieving Dextrin Powder with round separator

Triple your output without increase the size of your machines! Super SIVTEK Separator is a unique high energy and high-efficiency Vibro Screening Machine which is capable to screen at much faster rates with Fine mesh as compared to Standard Vibro Screening Machines. This machine can provide up to 3 times higher throughput compared to standard vibro separators.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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