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Sieving Gram Flour – Trial Video

Gram Flour is the product which is widely used all over the world. The hygiene and quality are the main ingredients to make gram flour. Gram flour goes through many ups & down in the processing area. It needs to be hygienic and separated from human or mechanical impurities.

SIVTEK Vibrating Sieves are the Vibro Sifters which are highly trusted for sieving gram flour. The sifter not only removes impurities but also a gradation expert as shown in the video.

from the video, it will be clear that SIVTEK Vibro Separator can sieve gram flour with high throughput and high efficiency under the fine mesh.

Get optimum separation of Gram Flour with SIVTEK Vibro Separator to achieve high throughput capacity and accurate gradation. Contact SIVTEK expert to know more

Sieving of Gram Flour-Besan | Galaxy Sivtek
Sieving of Gram Flour-Besan | Galaxy Sivtek

A successful trial conducted for one of the renowned Gram flour manufacturers at Galaxy’s R & D lab. The machine used for sieving Gram flour is SIVTEK® Vibro Separator with 20#

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