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Sieving Equipment in Industrial Water Treatment

Use of Sieving Equipment in Industrial Water Treatment

Water is life. We all know the importance of water and its uses. Water is not only used for drinking but also many processing industries rely on it. Water is used in industries for different purposes and for different applications. But the question is how efficiently we are using it. To understand this let’s dive deep into this article and see how we can reduce the cost of water while saving the environment as well as the most valuable resource, “water”.

Industrial water treatment requirements

Many processing industries like food, pharma, paper, plastic, agriculture, chemical, cement, glass, and many more are using water in some ways for washing, cooking, diluting, cooling, and many other processes. These industrialists are paying a high price of water while producing their products. Let us see some of the ways how they can reduce the overall production costs.

Wastewater recovery:

Wastewater generation is not limited to only a few industries, but numerous industries generate wastewater. Wastewater contains many solid and liquid impurities but to some extent, water can be reused in the plant through the filtration process. Those who do not use filtration process. They have to discharge the water and bear the cost of freshwater.

For this reason, industry leaders are using SIVTEK Vibrating equipment to filter the water and remove solid impurities from it. For example in the case of the paper industry, pulp and water both are recovered from the filtration process. This process is commonly known as pulp recovery. So that production cost is reduced and material wastage is almost null.

Prevent water pollution

Industrial waste or wastewater has to be discharged into the river, pond, or to the environment. But they need to strictly follow the industrial guidelines while discharging the waste material. BOD(Biological Oxygen Demand) is measured and check to see if the waste is suitable for the environment or not.

Hence before discharging the water industrial manufacturers have to maintain the BOD level at some point, exceeding that will create a high level of water pollution. In some industries, ETP(Effluent Treatment Plants) are used to remove toxic and harmful material from the water to keep the environment free from pollution.

Therefore a Vibrating sifter is placed before the ETP system to remove any suspended solids from the water. The Vibrating machine removes oversize material so that the ETP system can work efficiently to remove toxic effluent before discharging the water into the environment.

Generate eco-friendly fertilizers

Some industrial waste can be used as organic fertilizers and can be used in the agriculture sector. Wastewater from the food & allied industries after filtering, remaining solid substances are processed further to generate organic fertilizers.

SIVTEK Vibro separator can filter the solid waste out of the water and also while processing the fertilizer it can grade the fertilizer pallets into different fractions to get the desired sized particles.

Galaxy Sivtek is having years of experience in providing sieving & filtering solutions to many processing industries. It has provided numerous filtering equipment for water treatment applications.

Galaxy Sivtek is having a wide range of sieving and filtering equipment. It depends on the situation and types of application that what kind of machine is suitable for any particular product. So don’t waste the time and valuable industrial water. Consult our sieving expert to get the professional assistance on your water treatment.

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