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To Build Organization, Build Your Team.

Galaxy Sivtek is a growth-oriented organization with the focus on employee development through investment in employee training. We provide a warm and open culture and would like to invite you to enrich & enhance the culture.

The management definitely expects professionalism but at the same time wants its employees to enjoy and feel as part of big SIVTEK family. At Galaxy Sivtek, we definitely believe in maintaining the work-life balance.

The way and the pace the Galaxy Sivtek is moving towards future by achieving its year on year goals and targets the company has revised its human resource policies and procedures.

The organization believes that just like a right talent is required to achieve individual & organization goals and objectives, employees definitely needs a learning environment to achieve the same & become future ready. The learning program enhances employee skill sets that will help people perform better & innovate further at Galaxy Sivtek or with their future organization.

Therefore timely learning & development programs are organized for every employee to enhance the existing skills sets & acquire new skills to make them more competitive in the market.

Let me just not reveal all the benefits of joining Galaxy Sivtek. Surprises are spice of life.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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