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Self-Cleaning Filter for manufacturing detergent powder

Learn how Self-Cleaning Filter is helpful to manufacture detergent powder

We all know where people are using detergent powder, but do you know how interesting the process of manufacturing detergent powder so please see the whole manufacturing process of detergent powder in a graphical manner. Here you can see what machine is used in which process, but the detergent powder is dry material so why we used a filter?

In the making of detergent powder lot many ingredients are used which are in the form of powder as well as liquid also such as Sodium tripolyphosphate(STP), Sodium sulphate, Soap noodles, Zeolite, Linear alkylbenzene sulphonic acid (LAS), Caustic soda solution, Coconut diethanolamine or a fatty alcohol ethoxylate, fluorescer, perfume etc.

All these materials are used as per the requirement to manufacture the detergent powder. To maintain the quality of the product, first sieve the material with vibro sifter to get the appropriate size and the best quality which is free from all kind of contamination. For liquid products like linear alkyl benzene sulphonic acid, Fluorescer, fatty alcohol ethoxylate or perfume are passed through Strainers to remove any kind of impurities in it. Now here filter come into the picture. Read below differences between strainer and filter.

What are the similarities & difference between strainer and filter?

Similarities between strainer and filter

Strainer and filter both products have lot many common things like its designed to eliminate the suspended solids particles from liquid material. The main reason behind using strainer or filter is to remove impurities from the liquid and get the contamination free product.

Difference between strainer and filter

The main difference between strainer and filter Is the size, how big or small is your particle. Based on that people are using strainer or filter. Strainer are removing the particles which are bigger than (≥) 40 μ micron while filter can be used to remove suspended solids which are smaller than 40 μ.

In another terms you can consider that strainer is used to remove the suspended solids particles from the liquid which is easily detectable with the naked eye but if the particles barely visible in the liquid so you need to use filter to remove it.

Why choose self-cleaning filter over strainer in detergent manufacturing

In detergent manufacturing process as I described above lot many ingredients are used and into that few are in the liquid form, in all those ingredients one of the ingredients is perfume. To eliminate all kind of chemical smell from the powder as well as from your cloths, detergent manufacturer adding perfume.

Same as other material perfume is also imported from the outside vendor and dump into the tank directly. But before adding into the mixture it must pass through quality check because no one is compromising with their quality, to deliver the quality product we must check all the raw material before process. Like all powder and granules are sieve with vibro sifter and then go for further process same as liquid material are filter with vibro separator as well as strainer.

For all those liquid materials we can use Self-cleaning filter in place of strainer to improve the product quality.

Why Choose Self-cleaning filter?

There are not one but multiple reasons why you choose Self-cleaning filter which are given below.

First, I already describe above that if your particles size is lesser that 40 μ so strainer can’t catch it, so you must use self-cleaning filter.

Self-cleaning filter comes with an auto clean system which clean the filter’s inside periphery continuously while strainer can’t do that, and we need to clean it manually.

With Self-cleaning filter, you can get continuous optimum filtration because it cleans itself and maintain Delta P (ΔP) level which is not possible with strainer. Strainer get chocked after passing some amount of material and because of that we can’t get optimum filtration.

self-cleaning filter is loaded with a filter control system which manage whole filter system like cylinder strokes, actuator valve, stroke speed etc.

It allows complete automation system which manage whole filter without any interruption without any manpower which is not possible with strainer. It removes all kind of impurities like corrosion particles, contamination, screw or bolt and lot many things.

So now I hope you understand how self-cleaning filter is useful in manufacturing detergent powder. To know more you can contact our Sivtek expert. We also help in sieving raw material or check screening detergent powder. To get the quality detergent powder Galaxy Sivtek always here to get the best quality detergent powder.

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