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Self cleaning filter for paper industry

Filtration of Chemicals used in the Paper Industry

Paper is one of the growing industries even in the digital era. The demand for quality paper products is increasing and it is expected to grow with a growth rate of 7.5% during the year 2018-2025. Paper chemicals are the most important ingredient in increasing the quality, properties, and strength of paper products.

Paper chemicals are the bunch of chemicals grouped together and used in the production of paper making. It can modify the paper’s properties and is used to alter the paper’s quality in many ways. It changes the color, and brightness, increasing the strength and water resistance capabilities. Chemicals are used at various stages at a paper manufacturing mill. It is used in pulping, bleaching, bonding, coating, and also for reusing water. Some of the important chemicals used are Albarine for binding, chlorine dioxide for bleaching, calcium magnesium carbonate for coating, milk of lime, and many more.

Why Self-Cleaning Filter?

The dosing chemicals used in the manufacturing of paper should be of high quality and without any impurities. Dosing chemicals generally contain oversize impurities that may alter the properties of the paper and do not provide desirable results. Therefore a filter is placed before any process requiring chemicals.

Using a Self Cleaning Filter at this stage is also important as it prevents the spraying nozzle from getting choked. Nozzle choking is the major issue faced by paper manufacturers. When chemicals are sprayed on the paper material any impurities present in the chemical solution will chock the nozzle and prevent the appropriate amount of solution to be sprayed on the paper material. This will lead to lower quality or batch rejection.

The dosing chemicals are also reclaimed after being used in certain processes only. This will remove the large quantity of pulp and other oversize particles. In general, a strainer is used at this location but the strainer has its own disadvantages.

The industrial duplex strainer uses a two-way filtration process with two mesh baskets and once the mesh basket gets choked the other one is used and there is a need to clean the basket manually. This can be time-consuming and effective hours are compromised.

To solve this problem Galaxy Sivtek has developed a Self Cleaning Filter that is designed to eliminate the issues with an industrial strainer. A Self Cleaning filter is capable to run 24×7 without interrupting the ongoing batch for cleaning mesh or maintenance. Moreover, the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is a cost-effective solution in terms of changing filter baskets as it provides a longer mesh life and functioning.

Watch the Animated video to understand the operation of the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter








Features of Self Cleaning Filter:

Auto Clean System: The filter comes with a cleaning disc that moves along the periphery of the mesh basket to clean the inner surface.

Ease of Maintenance: The Self Cleaning Filter lowers the maintenance time and allows you to easily maintain the filtration unit for the cleanup or mesh change.

Filter Control System: “Set and Be Free” The system controls cylinder stroke which moves the cleaning disc & contaminant Purging chamber valves.

No Manpower Required: The Self Cleaning Filter provides you with a fully automated system that will run for a longer time without any manpower requirement.

GalaxySivtek brings the experience of serving more than 12+ processing industries and has provided thousands of filtering solutions across the globe for liquid syrup, chocolate liquor, cough syrup, chemicals, paint, and many more. For any information or issues regarding your existing filtration equipment feel free to contact and get assistance from our SIVTEK sieving & filtration experts.

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