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self cleaning filter for best filtration

Optimal alternative to conventional bag filters – Sivtek Self Cleaning Filter®

If you are still using Bag filters in the automation age, you are surely outdated! With the introduction of Self-Cleaning Filters from the house of Galaxy Sivtek, it’s time to say goodbye to bag filters.

Here are the top 5 reasons & comparison why Sivtek® Self Cleaning Filter is a more beneficial & optimal option over conventional Bag Filters.

1. Costing

The first & foremost thing every smart industrialist would consider is costing & pricing. Bag filters might be a low capital investment initially, but in the long term, it is more cost consuming.

In a long run, the cost of frequently replacing bag filters and stocking the bag filters as well as disposing of the bag filters would end up more as compared to the one-time installation cost of smart & eco-friendly Sivtek Self Cleaning Filter®.

Bag filters aren’t an economical option compared to the Sivtek Self Cleaning filter as they have high operating costs. Changing the bag after batches is time-consuming and required manpower every time while changing the filter media. Operator involvement is more which in return increases operational cost.

On the other hand, in Self-Cleaning Filter has an automatic cleaning system. It comes with a mechanical piston which moves along the periphery of the trapezoidal-shaped basket to remove oversize particles.

So, the headache of disposing & stocking bag filter is fully eliminated, it will save your overall cost.

2. Safe & Hygienic Operation.

Nowadays many manufacturing industries are taking obligatory steps towards the safety of their labors & hygienic working environment due to various guidelines & rules imposed by governing bodies like WHO & federal agencies like U.S. FDA.

During the filtration of hazardous materials like acidic chemicals, flammable liquids, etc. the chances of an operator being affected adversely are high with bag filters; but with fully enclosed Sivtek Self Cleaning Filter® it is totally safe.

Also, the mechanism of the Self-Cleaning filter allows to clean filter media automatically & hence the involvement of the operator is very less.

3. Quality of Product – Precision in filtration.

One of the major drawbacks of the bag filter is a lack of precise filtering due to non-uniform apertures. The problem of precise filtering is solved with modern-day Eco filter – Sivtek® Self-Cleaning Filter. In Self Cleaning Filter, filter media has defined & uniform size openings. This enables to deliver the quality product after filtration.

4. Continuous Production

While using Bag filters production process is being affected a lot due to frequent blockage. Frequent blockage of bags results in frequent changing of bags which interrupts & stops the production line.

The issue of frequent stoppage of the production line is solved with the Self-Cleaning Filter as it is powered by an automatic cleaning system.

With over almost two & half-decade we have proven track record of filtering many applications ranging from liquid chocolate to syrups, from ink to paint, from Sugarcane juice to honey & lot more with our Sivtek Self Cleaning Filter®. If you are also looking for any filtration or separation solution do get in touch with us!

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