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Clean In Place (CIP)

With global demand for various products rising day by day, more and more manufacturers and producers across the globe are exploiting the limited natural resources. Furthermore, the gases and waste produced from these plants are also harming the environment that we live in.

And one of the major sources of water pollution is the wastewater generated from Clean In Process systems that are employed by major manufacturing plants. As more and more products are being made, their demand and usage of water are rising drastically too. Not only does this exploit the limited water resource that we have, but it is also becoming a major reason for water pollution.

In order to make a conscious stand in this exploitative environment, major manufacturing and processing plants are starting to incorporate filters and recycles that can filter and screen the wastewater generated from CIP systems.

What is CIP Wastewater Recycling?

The Clean-In-Place method is an ingenious cleaning mechanism which continuously cleans your entire processing line in a loop. With the help of a CIP system, you can keep your equipment clean with minimal to no manual/operator involvement. Gushing a suitable detergent throughout the machine, the CIP system uses pressure to clean the insides of the machine to remove any contaminants or debris in the filter and screening machines.

While this mechanism is ingenious for allowing you to keep your machines clean, the wastewater generated from this process is often deposited into the oceans and rivers. They have become one of the major reasons for polluting the major water supplies, throughout the world.

In order to prevent that from happening, manufacturing and screening companies often employ special water filtration machines that help them filter the wastewater and remove any impurities that they have before releasing them into the water streams.

Advantages of the CIP Wastewater Recycling 

 Filtering and recycling the wastewater generated from your Clean In Place system are beneficial in numerous ways. Its multi-folded advantages provide the best return on investment and help you fulfil your optimal efficiency.

Here are some of the major advantages of having a Clean In Place System: 

●     Prevents waterborne pollution

Water pollution is one of the major reasons for environmental degradation. Not only does it affect our water supply, but it also endangers the lives of thousands of marine species that live in oceans and other major water bodies. By recycling the CIP wastewater, you can protect these water bodies from getting any more contaminated. It allows you to preserve the quality of water and make it accessible for other uses.

●     Reusing the water

While water is abundantly found on earth, it is still costly. With the scarcity of fresh water rising across the world, the prices of water are also rising. And this can be a major source of expense for big manufacturers who require tons of water supply. With the help of a good recycling and filtration system, you can reuse that water which has already been used to conduct your cleaning processes.

●     Reduces operational expenses

As the recycled water can be reused to conduct your cleaning tasks, it allows you to reduce your expenses, as you won’t have to buy more water. This can drastically impact your operational costs and the profit margins on finished products.

●     Helps preserve natural resources

Water is one of the major natural resources which has a universal application. From household chores of big manufacturing plants, water is essential to conduct day-to-day tasks. With a good filtration plant, you can not only reduce your water consumption but also save more for those in need of water. It is a major step towards a sustainable society, which can preserve these resources for future generations.

●     Makes your company seem responsible

One of the most adverse effects of fast industrialization is the pollution caused by their factories and manufacturing houses. They conserve a lot of resources and emit waste that is hazardous to nature. By playing your part in conserving the environment, it promotes your business as a more conscious and responsible one, which your target audience can depend on. It improves your company’s goodwill in the market, which can substantially increase and expand your business.

Galaxy Sivtek’s CIP enabled screening and filtration machines

To help manufacturing plants filter and recycle their CIP wastewater, we bring our wide range of powerful filters that can remove all kinds of impurities and contaminants from wastewater.

Providing optimal filtration of liquid substances, our fine range of filtration machines are designed to efficiently strain watery applications, as well as highly viscous substances. They are equipped with automatic filters that can eliminate and suspend unwanted particles present in the substance.

Amongst an array of different filtration machines available with us, two of them have shown the most remarkable performance when it filtering wastewater:

1.     Self Cleaning Filters

Our Self Cleaning Filter is ingeniously designed to provide the most optimal filtration of a wide range of liquids, ranging from strain watery liquids to the more viscous ones. The entire machine filters the raw materials automatically with the highest level of accuracy.

The automatic filters embedded in the machine can easily eliminate suspended and unwanted particles that are present in the screening liquid. Furthermore, it can also function continuously 24X7 without any need for human inspection. Where conventional filters require you to manually remove the mesh and clean them, our self-cleaning filters are embedded with pneumatic actuators that intuitively clean the mesh when it is necessary.

In comparison to conventional self-cleaning strainers, our automatic filters are revered as the most optimal and high functioning. Working on Delta P’s principle, their automatic self-cleaning filters are designed to regulate pressure difference for the continuous filtering process automatically.

Unique Features of Sivtek Self Cleaning Filters

  • Improves the quality of your product

With the help of our self-cleaning filters, you can easily remove the minutest of suspended particles from the raw mixture. This also ensures that you get the most refined and high-quality end product, which can live up to the industry standard and increase the value of your brand. 

  • Reduces waste generation

Self-cleaning filters are also exceptionally efficient at reducing waste generation, as it processes your raw material to the highest calibre and ensures that it is pure and refined. Any unnecessary particles that there might be in the raw mixture will be extracted, with minimal room for error. This also increases your output, as there will be less wastage of good end products.

  • Safe and sanitised filtration

To create the purest and most refined end product, you need to have a filtration space that is clean and hygienic. In that aspect, our self-cleaning filters are the perfect solution. They make sure that the raw mixture of raw material stays protected from any spoilage and contamination from unnecessary particles.

  • High flow filtration

As we discussed, the filters’ self-cleaning properties help you create an uninterrupted and continuous filtration process, which also makes them capable of handling a high flow of raw materials. Not only does it percolate the raw mixture in a quick and continuous flow, but it also makes sure that it retains the highest quality of refinement.

2.     Sivtek Vibro Separator

When it comes to screening solid components from the wastewater, nothing can beat our exquisite Vibro Separator. Made with our combined knowledge, gathered over decades of experience, the SIVTEK Vibro Separator is one of the most optimum gyro separator machines in the industry. The machine is highly capable of screening any major solid components that are contaminating the water and easily discard them.

One of the major reasons why our vibratory separator is revered in the market is because of its economical and efficient solutions that are provided for all kinds of filtration purposes. The unique design of the vibro screens allows you to conduct screening operations with heightened precisions, as well as allows you to calibrate the gradation depending on the solids. Its smooth and secure operating experience makes it the best option available in the market today.

From substantially increasing your capacity of filtration to providing 5 levels of gradations in one single operation, Sivtek Vibro Separator is packed with numerous advantages for wastewater recycling. It is one of the most versatile screening machines available in the market, which is capable of functioning for a long period, without any rundowns.

Unique Features of Sivtek Vibro Separator

  • Robust Design

Owing to its robust and ingenious design, this intense vibro separator is efficient at screening a wide range of screening materials while assisting in scalping, de-dusting, and gradation settings. This quality has make Sivtek Vibro Separator revered across the manufacturing and processing industry as an economical and efficient screening solution.

  • Changeable Lead Angle

The changeable lead angles of the Sivtek Vibro Separate make it extremely versatile and adaptab;e, as you can easily change them to your desired screening requirements. You can also control the fineness at which the material will be screened.

  • Smooth Mesh Changing

One of the most tedious parts of using conventional screening machines is that they take too much time to disassemble and clean. With Sivtek Vibro Separator, the machines can easily come apart due to its easy mesh changing clamps. You can dismantle the machines in minutes and give it a thorough cleaning.

  • Powerful Vibratory Motor

When it comes to generating intense vibrations, Sivtek Vibro Separator can stand tall amongst its competitors. It is specifically designed to product the highest levels of vibrations so that the resilient impurities from the raw materials can be extracted. You can also customize the machines to add additional motors that can enhance the vibrations and speed up the process.

Advantages of Choosing Galaxy Sivtek

Our high-performing models come with various benefits that make them stand out from the competitor models in the industry. To enhance the robust and efficient design of our Vibro separators and self-cleaning filters, we provide an array of calibration and customisation options that maximizes your efficiency of filtering debris and impurities from CIP wastewater.

From self-cleaning properties to enhanced filtration of impurities, there are numerous reasons why our machines are the best fit for your CIP wastewater filtration process. Here are a few ways in which Galaxy Sivtek can provide you with a broad spectrum of solutions:

Automated Filtration Experience

On the idealogy of ‘set and be free’, our excellent range of self-cleaning filters make it obsolete for any need of manpower to keep your screening and filtration process running. The entire filtration process is automated, which allows it to function for a longer period without any hiccups. It gives you an uninterrupted and continuous wastewater filtration experience. All you have to do is add the raw material, calibrate the gradation for filtration, and let the machine do its magic. 

Filter Control 

With the help of our ‘Programmable Logic Control’ box, also called a PLC box, you can efficiently control the pneumatic cylinders and actuators on self cleaning filters and vibro separators. Not only does it help you to control the flow at which the wastewater will be filtered, but it also allows you to control the cleaning disk and get your screen mesh cleaned automatically. This makes them very versatile and adaptable for various screening processes.

Extremely Easy to  Maintain

One of the major hastles for manufacturers is to disassemble the machine in order to give it a thorough and intensive cleaning. Not only is this a tedious task, it takes up a lot of your valuable time which can be invested in processing more raw materials and increase your production capacity.

However, with our amazing screening and filtration machines, we make this task way more easy and efficient. Our machines are strategically designed with detachable clamps which can easily assemble and disassemble the entire machine. Just take those clamps off, and the machine is ready for a thorough manual cleaning.

Customized Solutions

What makes our machines truly versatile and acceptable for a wide range of applications is that they are highly customizable. From enhancing control functions to increasing motor capacity in the machines, our customization options allow you to modify the screening and filtration machines in a way that they can elevate your processing and manufacturing experience. This also makes our machines capable to easily adapt with your already established processing line.

Reduced power consumption

Usually, the CIP wastewater generation is quite extensive, which consumes a lot of power for filtration. Considering the power consumption that the process entails, we have designed our filters and separators in a manner that they consume the least amount of power, without compromising on the quality or output capacity of your processing line. Our ingenious pneumatic cylinders can perform industry standard filtration, while requiring less energy than conventional machines.

Minimises Operation Costs

The cumulative effect of all these unique features is that it drastically reduces your operation costs. As the machines consume very little energy, it conserves your expenses on power. Additionally, as the machines work automatically and require minimal amount of human interaction, you also require less manpower, leading to reduced spending on personnel.

Furthermore, as the filters and screening machines make sure that the scale of error and wastage is kept at a minimal, it increases your production capacity, which will bring in more revenue. They increase the level of accuracy in filtration, which concurrently make your products richer and more appealing in the open market.

Revolutionize your wastewater management with Galaxy Sivtek’s filtration and screening machines

In this hour of rising environmental crisis, we need to make more responsible and conscious choices that can preserve and enrich our environment. And the first step is to control our own waste generation and find a reliable solution to mitigate it.

With Galaxy Sivtek’s robust filters and screening machines, you can take that first step. They are designed to help you filter and recycle the wastewater that is generated through CIP systems. Not only does this reduce your operational costs, but it also reuses the scarce water and allows you to conserve it as well. Make the conscious decision and revolutionize your wastewater management with Galaxy Sivtek.

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