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Self Cleaning Filters for Dairy Industry

Self Cleaning Filters for Dairy Industry

In the past couple of years, the dairy industry has drastically expanded and become proficient in creating a wide range of products. From creating dense and sweet concoctions to bringing a myriad combination of cheeses, the potential of the dairy industry has risen multiple folds with technological innovations.

However, advance the technology gets to processing dairy products, there is still a much more traditional step that is integral to the quality of a dairy product. It is the filtration of the raw materials.

All raw dairy materials are contaminated with various impurities and unwanted particles that need to be removed to produce refined and delicious confections. Also, in this competitive market of the dairy industry, if your products do not reach a certain standard of purity, they won’t be regarded as a worthy option.

Hence, leading dairy industries around the world have started to invest in high-grade self-cleaning filters. These ingenious and fully automated machines can help you reach the highest levels of filtration and increase the processing capacity of your business.

The usefulness of self-cleaning filters in the Dairy Industry

Similar to all other types of raw material processing, dairy products also need to be filtered and screened so that you can produce refined finished products. It helps you bring consistency to your products that ensure a coherent and holistic experience for your customers.

From coarse ingredients like cocoa solids to purifying viscous liquids like sugar syrup, self-cleaning filters can drastically improve your filtration process and help you refine your raw dairy products. In addition, it can efficiently eliminate or separate all unwanted suspended solid particles that are present in your products.

Here are a few other ways in which our self-cleaning filters can be a boon to the dairy industry:

– Improves the quality of your product

Self-cleaning filters can remove the minutest of suspended particles to ensure that you have refined and high-quality raw materials. This also reflects on the quality of your finished products, which will have a more luscious and shining texture.

– Reduces waste generation

By allowing you to process your raw materials to the highest caliber, self-cleaning filters can massively reduce your factory’s waste generation. It only filters unnecessary particles from the raw materials and minimizes any room for error. This way, you can preserve your raw material’s actual quantity and subsequently increase your production.

– Safe and sanitized filtration of your dairy products

One of the major properties of these filters is their self-cleaning features. They make sure that your raw products are protected from spoilage and unnecessary clogging of the filters. It also adds a level of assurance that your final products will be hygienic and safe for your customers to consume.

– High-flow filtration

As we discussed that the self-cleaning properties of the filters help you create an uninterrupted and continuous filtration process, this also makes it capable of handling a high flow of the raw materials. It can quickly and efficiently percolate raw dairy products in a continuous flow, without allowing any oversized or unwanted substances to enter the finished goods.

How our products outshine the market

As impressive as self-cleaning filters are, Galaxy Sivtek’s high-performing models outshine the competitors in the industry. The simple and robust design of our self-cleaning filters allows a wide range of calibration for various dairy products to make sure that you get optimum results for each product variant.

Galaxy Sivtek’s self-cleaning filters work on a unique pressure difference principle which allows the machine to continuously filter the products for a long duration. Here are a few other reasons why our products are revered across the industry:

Customized Solutions

Our self-cleaning filters have a wide range of customization options that allows you to increase the efficiency of your filtration as per your requirements. One of the most common up gradations that manufacturers from dairy industries go for is to add a dual cylinder which increases the flow capacity and helps you handle high flow filtration more efficiently.

With the right calibrations, our self-cleaning filters can filter liquids of viscosity ranging from 1 cP to 50,000 cP.

Filter Control

The filter can allow a high rate of filtration efficiency is because of its filter controls. Galaxy Sivtek’s self-cleaning filters have a modified ‘Programmable Logic Control’ box (PLC Box) which allows you to control the pneumatic cylinders and the actuators at the same time.

Also referred to as the ‘Set & Be Free’ feature, this allows you to control the movement of the cleaning disks, as well as the contaminant purging chamber valves that can help you to calibrate the filters depending on the dairy product you are processing.

Self-Cleaning Properties

When you filter your raw materials through the machine’s fine-mesh basket, you might’ve observed that a lot of oversized material gets choked on the periphery of the filters. This increases the chances of contamination and spoilage of raw materials.

To remedy that, our self-cleaning filters are embedded with pneumatic cylinders that can automatically clean your fine-mesh basket. It moves the cleaning disk, which scrapes any oversized particles in the periphery and does not interrupt the continuous process of the filters.

High-temperature capacity filters

Understanding the requirement of dairy industries to work with products at varied temperatures, our self-cleaning filters are designed to withstand high-temperature products without sustaining any harm.

Our self-cleaning filters also have hot water jacketing feature that helps you maintain the liquid-solid suspension temperature.

Automatic Filtration

Our self-cleaning filters make it obsolete for any need to manpower to function efficiently. They provide you with a fully automated processing system that can run for a long duration without any hiccups. It can administer a continuous and uninterrupted operation of your raw materials.

Even the self-cleaning properties of the filter a very well synchronized with the automation system which allows an even higher rate of efficiency. All you have to do is install your filter and let that thing do its job.

Easy Maintenance

A major challenge that manufacturers often face is to remove a certain part to disassemble the filter for intensive cleaning. This takes up a majority of precious time that can be utilized to process more raw materials and increase the production capacity.

To remedy that, our self-cleaning filters an ingeniously designed in a way that they can be easily assembled and disassembled. All the parts are connected with reliable, yet easy to disconnect, clamps that can seal or detach any part of the filter. This makes it extremely easy to change the mesh and decreases the overall maintenance time of the filtration process.

Less power consumption

Keeping in mind that these filters take up a major portion of any dairy industry’s production cycle, we have designed our filters in a manner that consumes very minimum power and provides optimal output.

Even while consuming less power, the high-capacity pneumatic cylinders can still provide output that is upholding to the industry standards.

Minimizes Operation Costs

By the concurrent effects of all these unique features, Galaxy Sivtek’s self-cleaning filters can drastically reduce your operation costs. It helps you make the optimal utilization of your resources, which ensures a minimal scale for error and wastage. By increasing the levels of accuracy infiltration, it also makes the final product much richer and refined for consumption.

Furthermore, the reduced power consumption also reduces your operating expenses. The automatic process of the filters also makes it obsolete to require manpower, which further reduces your dairy industry’s expenses.

How our machines process various dairy products

One of the major reasons why self-cleaning filters are so popular in the dairy industry is because of their versatility and diversity in application. It can filter through a wide range of size calibrations and allows you to modulate the rate as per your discretion. This gives you the ability to extract specific particles from the raw materials as per your requirements.

Our self-cleaning filters have a wide range of applications that helps you in the filtration process of a varied range of dairy products. Here are a few of the major products that successful dairy industrialists install these self-cleaning filters for:

Chocolate: In order to maintain an even and refined consistency of your chocolate products, you need to remove any cocoa suspends or lumps in the liquid mixture to assure high-quality products. Our self-cleaning filters can remove coarse impurities that might be present in your liquid chocolate mixtures.

Milk: The milk that factories procure from nearby villages is unpasteurized and filled with impurities. The hot water jacketing system of our self-cleaning filters can help you extract these impurities by heating the milk and filtering the impurities through fine-mesh sieves.

Condensed Milk: Upon closer inspection on when condensed milk is filtered in conventional filters, there are a lot of burnt particles that often mix with the mixture during the heating process. Self-cleaning filters prevent that from happening and provide you with a refined mesh that can extract the burnt parts and keep the product free from any kind of spoilage.

Butter Milk: There are often impurities or suspended solids that are present in the buttermilk that can ruin its texture. It could also be some chunks of curd that can set a foul taste. Our filters can help you screen out such suspended solids and help you produce even and luscious buttermilk for packaging.

Butter-ghee: When the butter is converted into ghee, the milk solids end up burning to char. The turn into dark and oversized particles that need to be filtered before bottling. Whereas conventional filters fail to provide the optimum filtration of these particles and often clog on oversized particles, our self-cleaning filters can work efficiently with such substances and provide your highly refined ghee in every batch.

Sugar Syrup: Sugar syrups have a very high viscosity that most conventional filters cannot handle. They either clog up or are unable to filter out oversized particles efficiently. Our self-cleaning filters are able to filter liquids of viscosity ranging from 1 cP to 50,000 cP which makes it a cakewalk to filter sugar syrups.

Recycling water: As rainwater descends on the surface of the earth, it gets contaminated with a lot of dust and other fine particles that are not very hygienic. Before adding the clarifying chemicals to the water, you need to filter the water and remove all the suspended particles. Our self-cleaning filter’s fine mesh screens can help you filter the minutest specs from the rainwater and help you reach an efficient recycling standard.

Whey slurry: It is extremely important to properly filter out the curd solids from the whey slurry to send it to the evaporation process. If there are any solids present in the mixture when the slurry heads to the spray dry chamber, it can clog the machine and hamper its processing. With our fine mesh, you can stay assured that no solids can pass through and create any complications in the evaporation process.

Our Self-Cleaning Filters can expand your Dairy Industry’s Production

With the help of our intuitive self-cleaning filters, you can not only assure a high standard of product filtration, but it can also drastically increase your production capacity. It reduces the waste generation of your production process and gives you safe and sanitized dairy products every time.

The machine operates on a fully automated system that can work continuously for a very long duration. It almost makes manpower obsolete and helps you substantially reduce your operation costs. They are easy to maintain and use very minimal power which allows you to preserve your resources for better use.

They have a wide range of applications, and with our customization solutions, you can program the filters to provide the exact end product as you want. Galaxy Sivtek has been a credible partner of various top-notch dairy manufacturers around the world and helped them improve their filtration system.

If you are keen to add our Self-Cleaning Filter to your production line, click here to reach to our customer support executive.

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