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Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles as we all know is the one of the most important beautician & safety element for any kind of construction.

The making process of tiles basically consist of mixing & grinding of raw materials like earth clay & iron reach feldspar. Once it is mixed it is applied along with liquid to form water-filled mixture known as slurry or slip. Now during all this process chances of contamination of any solid elements, etc are high so it needs to be filtered before further processing. To filter slurry mixture our GS series sifters are very useful.

Once it is filtered it is dried & during dry milling again chances are high for contamination & to avoid any such contamination Inline SIVTEK can be supreme resource.

sivtek vibro separator

vibro sifter
Ceramic Tiles


Sifters & Filters

Vibro separator

01. Sivtek Vibro Separator®

This SIVTEK Vibro Separator is a peerless piece of sieving equipment that is effective for almost all screening, scalping, dedusting, filtering, and gradation tasks.

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low headroom separator

02. Inline Sivtek Dual Motor®

A compact sieving solution that combines low headroom design with safety sieving & check screening applications that require fine mesh to sieve.

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gyro separator

03. Sivtek Super Gyro Separator®

The most widely used screening machine. This machine utilizes electronic screening to revolutionize the industry by generating vibrational force that is 2X greater than conventional sieving machine.

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vibro screener

04. Linea Sivtek®

The new horizontal vibrating screen, called the Linea SIVTEK. This horizontal screening machine features a unique, single-to-dual screen deck design that ensures excellent screening efficiency & increases productivity.

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Self-cleaning filter

05. Sivtek Self-cleaning Filter

Designed to filter watery liquid to extremely viscous liquid at once. The auto clean filter removes or separates all unwanted suspended solids present in the product.

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06. Sivtek Roto Sifter®

Galaxy Sivtek’s centrifugal sifter is one of the most innovative screening apparatuses. For applications with low bulk density, it is the ideal & most reliable sifter.

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