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Horizontal Vibrating Screens are recognized as the best vibro screen machines in the industry which is powered by two vibrating motors. While providing a highly efficient approach to screening, they are affluent in processing dry, wet, as well as abrasive materials. They have a high fluid capacity with low headroom requirements. It can efficiently process dilute slurries and low amounts of oversized particles. This linear motion exponentially increases the performance of the vibratory screen separator, even when the particles are oversized, or the screen frames are positioned uphill.

However, what makes this industrial vibro screener so popular in the industry is its versatility and flexibility. These machines can adapt to your specific requirements and provide you with the performance that you desire, making them your ideal screening equipment.

They are ideal for industries like iron & minerals, chemical, pharmaceutical, waste management, mining, and food & beverages.

At Galaxy Sivtek, we provide you with a wide range of Horizontal Vibrating Screening Machines that can increase your productivity and give you accurate gradation. From dual deck vibratory motors to the finest gradation sieves, we can provide you with a machine that can truly optimize your output.

Considering that our appliances are used by various chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industries that deal with sensitive materials, we understand the sanitary requirements they have. Our experts have designed our products while keeping the safety and hygiene parameters as the topmost priority.

Along with that, our product offers an easy clamping system that can help you easily clean the collected mesh when required. You can also customize the machine with a CIP system to increase efficiency in cleaning, compared to manual techniques.

Self-Cleaning Filter

Remove solid contamination from liquid with our automatic self-cleaning filter.

360 Discharge Separator

Discharges oversize particles 360 around the periphery and enhance screening.

For Any Sieving And Filtration Solution ... We Are At Your Disposal.

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