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The low head room separators designed in a way that can be fit easily anywhere in any current system. The compact design of our sifters can help you to sieve maximum with smaller space. It’s used to screen dry of wet materials.

It comes with in two variants, single motor, or double motors. As per customers requirements and application we suggest them the best suitable option. Both the motors are side mounted and adjustable which can help to maximize the space as wells as screening efficiency. The main advantage of these adjustable motors are its positions which helps to improve your throughput with maximum efficiency.

Because of an external side mounting motor, you can deal with high temperature scalping with any applications. Its also used in lot many industries like Pharmaceutical, Chemical, food, dairy and many more.

As I discussed above its one of the advantages, but still there are many more which is makes it better than the old conventional sifters like its compact size which can fits any smaller space. Gives high-capacity flow throughput with maximum efficiency and it’s also available in different sizes so you can screen maximum material at a single time.

Inline Sivtek Dual Motor

Check screening of powder and granules with maximum throughput and higher efficiency.

Inline Sivtek

Optimum screening with centre in and centre out process with single mounted motor.

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