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Filtration solution for paper industry

Pulp & Paper Industry Filtration Solutions

The pulp & paper industries are one of the largest industries in the world. It is highly dominated by North America, Europe, and East Asian countries. Over the few years, it is expected that India and China will be the key countries to compete in the growth.

The industrial process for manufacturing paper is more complex than it looks. The manufacturing process uses wood or recycled fiber for making pulp. It has many different processes, products, and different kinds of mills. Due to this complexity water, chemical, coatings, and effluent treatment is significant in the manufacturing process.

This blog will illustrate to you the importance of filtration of various liquid materials with a SIVTEK Self Cleaning filter in a paper-making process.

Why Self Cleaning Filter:

The best quality of the paper can be defined by the best finish, coating, smoothness, and thickness of the paper. To get a high level of quality, raw material and coating agents should be pure and free from any impurities.

Filtration is the most important process in any small paper mill or large industry. Liquid materials like water and coating chemicals are widely used in the process and thoroughly filtered with any filter machine to get rid of oversize impurities.

Any filter machine works great in the process but there are a few disadvantages of using a conventional filter machine. Your batch time increases due to the choking of filter media. You will have to manually clean the mesh and halt the operation for time being. This will lead to a reduced production rate and effective hours are wasted.

To solve this issue Galaxy Sivtek has developed an industrial filter machine known as the SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter which can clean the mesh basket automatically even when the process is going on. Due to this reason this filter is quite popular among industry leaders. Now the popularity of the self-cleaning filter is increasing in small to medium paper mills also and they have started adopting it. This filter not only reduces the maintenance time and cost but also provides better ROI and increased profitability.

Filtering Stages where Self Cleaning Filter is used

Starch Slurry Filtration:

Starch slurry filtration is one of the most important processes in the paper-making process. It is very useful in making paper because it provides size and coating to the paper sheet and using starch in the paper-making reduces the cost significantly.

SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is used to remove fine grits and undissolved particles of starch before spraying in the paper mill. Removing the oversize impurities is important as it will chock the spraying nozzle and decrease the quality of the paper. Using Self Cleaning Filter in starch filtration provides 24×7 operation, higher throughput rates, and optimum filtration.

Dosing chemical filtration:

Various chemicals are used during the manufacturing of paper for pulping, binding, coating, and water reuse. These dosing chemicals should be free from any impurities as the bad quality chemicals can alter the paper’s properties and fail to provide the desired results.

Self Cleaning Filter works best to filter the critical chemicals used in the process. Some of the important chemicals used are Albarine for binding, chlorine dioxide for bleaching, calcium magnesium carbonate for coating, milk of lime, and many more. These chemicals are also reclaimed after the process through the self-cleaning filter.

Generally, small paper manufacturers are using a manual strainer to remove oversize particles. But the strainer has its disadvantages. The process is manual and every time mesh cleaning is required. Whereas in a self-cleaning filter the filter basket is cleaned automatically through a cleaning disc triggered at a given time. this way the filter runs continuously without manually cleaning the filter basket and the process runs smoothly saving time.

Coating Slurry Filtration:

There are a few more coatings used in the processing of paper depending upon the type of paper is manufactured. These coatings should be constantly applied to the paper sheet to get the desired paper quality. Like starch slurry, these liquids can also chock the spraying nozzle and disturb the efficient coating on the paper. This will not only damage the nozzle but also rejects the batch due to non-uniform spraying on the paper sheet.

Therefore these coating liquids are filtered with the self-cleaning filter with the mesh basket ranging from 25 to 3000 microns. The filter consists of a trapezoidal-shaped mesh basket that can easily trap oversize impurities and collect them in the purging chamber. With the use of a self-cleaning filter coating, the slurry can also be reclaimed after use.

Water Recycling/White Water Filtration:

As water is the lifeline in the paper-making process, it is used as the medium to transport pulp, conduct and retain heat, and remove contaminants from the final product. Without the water paper product cannot be made. The paper industry is challenged to balance its water use to meet economic, social, safety, and environmental objectives. Approx 7800 gallons of water are required for one ton of paper. The Paper industry is one of the top industrial freshwater users.

Water used in the paper-making process can be reclaimed to use the resource efficiently. The Self Cleaning filter is placed at the end of the paper-making process where water is transferred to the Effluent treatment plant. The water from the ETP plant still needs to be filtered through a self-cleaning filter before introducing the reused water in the paper-making process.

As the water capacity is very high, Self Cleaning Filter is the only filter that cope-up with the water flow and traps impurities by cleaning the mesh basket in a split of seconds. Automatic actuator valves can purge the material easily without interrupting the ongoing process. Hence SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is the prime requirement for any paper-making industry.

Like white water filtration freshwater is also filtered with a self-cleaning filter to remove any oversize impurity to maintain the product quality.

SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter is the revolutionary product from Galaxy Sivtek which is considered the best choice for paper industry leaders. This filter is packed with advanced functionalities along with its easy assembling and disassembling design. You can easily shift the product and replace the mesh basket requirement.

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