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Economical screen ring

The Economical Screen rings

Sivtek Sz screen ring® is the newly designed screen mesh has its own uniqueness, features & noteworthy advantages. The all-new Sivtek Sz screen ring® is light weighted screen mesh that is extremely easy to handle.

Sivtek Sz screen ring® comes with precise & uniform tensioning which provides maximum throughput, minimal to zero cleaning & human interaction, longer mesh life along accurate & efficient sieving. Screen mesh can also be reused as re-meshing is quite simple & require minimal tools.

One of the main advantages of the Sivtek Sz screen ring® is that it can withstand corrosive & extreme conditions. The build of the screen mesh consists of all FDA-approved materials like type 316 stainless steel & food grade adhesive (glue). Also, the screen ring is available as per different industrial requirements with appropriate certificates.

The Sivtek adhesive holds the type 316 stainless steel wire cloth with a powerful grip. The screen mesh is on-demand manufactured with FDA-complied food grade & process-friendly gasket to speed up the screen changing process & avoid leakages during the screening process.

Lightweight, affordable price, precise tensioning, FDA-complied materials & ability to withstand severe atmosphere is what makes Sivtek Sz screen ring® stand separate from rest screen rings available in the market.

Sivtek Sz screen ring® can be retrofitted in nearly all kinds of round & circular sifters & separators having a diameter ranging from 18 inches to 60 inches.


Light Weight: The foundation ring of the Sivtek Sz screen ring® is made of lightweight stainless steel material which makes the handling of screen mesh easy & hassle-free.

Reusable: The screen mesh is reusable with help of proper re-meshing with basic minimal tools.

Economical screen: The Sivtek Sz Screen Ring® is one of the most affordable screen mesh in the segments of pharma glued & other screen mesh.

FDA approved: All the material used in the manufacturing of Sivtek Sz screen ring® is as per FDA compliance & in accordance with food-grade standards.

Precise tensioning: The screen mesh comes with uniform & precise tensioning enabling higher throughput & accurate & efficient sieving.

Longer mesh life: Precise & uniform tensioning of screen cloth eliminates the need to frequently clean the screen mesh enabling zero to minimal chances of human contamination & provides a longer screen mesh life.

Certified Screen: Sivtek Sz screen ring® comes with xx (Mayank sir will give certificates list) certificates, which in itself shows quality is left, right & in the center.

Sanitary built-up: Sivtek adhesive bond locks & fits in all the wire in place, eradicating the pits & crevices. The absence of crevices removes the risk of bacterial growth & contamination.

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