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Liquid Pigments


Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer consisting of different size of crystalline structure. A large range of applications is dependent on this polymer. Bottles, Containers, boxes, hard and soft plastics are made from polyethene.

These crystalline structures come in different sizes, therefore, industry leaders prefer galaxy sivtek screeners and sifters to eliminate uneven sizing of particles and to remove dust impurities. Vibro Separators provide high throughput and low maintenance. Galaxy sifter also gives you dust free environment for the operator to work safely.

SIVTEK Vibro Separators comes in different sizes and structure to deliver high quality and desired results. You can trust galaxy sivtek with confidence because this is your one-stop solution for all your sieving and filtering problems.

vibro separator



Sifters & Filters


01. Sivtek Super Gyro Separator®

The most widely used screening machine. This machine utilizes electronic screening to revolutionize the industry by generating vibrational force that is 2X greater than conventional sieving machine.

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Vibro separator

02. Super Sivtek®

With this heavy-duty vibratory screen, you will achieve 3 times more vibration & obtain higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than with a conventional sieving machine.

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Centrifugal sifter

03. Sivtek Roto Sifter ®

Galaxy Sivtek’s centrifugal sifter is one of the most innovative screening apparatuses. For applications with low bulk density, it is the ideal & most reliable sifter..

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04. Sivtek Tumbler Screen ®

A robust design provides real-time solutions to low bulk density products. The 3D tumbling motion enables easy screening of particles by generating optimal results.

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Self cleaning filter

05. Sivtek Self-cleaning Filter®

Designed to filter watery liquid to extremely viscous liquid at once. The auto clean filter removes or separates all unwanted suspended solids present in the product.

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low headroom separator

06. Inline Sivtek Dual Motor®

A compact sieving solution that combines low headroom design with safety sieving & check screening applications that require fine mesh to sieve.

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