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Maize Flour

maize flour

Why Use Sifters & Separators For Maize Flour?

Maize flour is majorly used in nutritional food, animal feed & baking products all over the world. The process of obtaining maize flour starts with cleaning of Maize Kernels, and the requirement for sieving starts from the beginning itself. Before the Maize kernels are transferred for grinding, it needs to be a fine sieve to remove sand and other small particles than maize kernels. Also, it needs to be passed from a coarse screen to remove impurities that are bigger than corn, for example, corncob particles.

Once it is cleaned the actual process of grinding & milling starts. During the various processing stages like cleaning, drying and milling, chances of contamination such as dust particles, ferrous particles, metal parts like screws, etc are high. Also due to moisture lumps are formed, so vibrating sieving machine is installed in the processing line to conduct safety/check screen for removing lumps, impurities, and unwanted particles & maintain the product quality.

Also, different grades of maize flour are required for different kind of products. Maize flour is classified into 4 grades: Grade 1 and Grade 2 are mostly maize skin and the small proportion of maize flour, so they are used for animal feed; while Grade 3 and Grade 4 are fine maize flour for edible. So apart from removing impurities, the vibro separator is also required for grading maize flours into a different grade.

Improve Maize Flour Quality With Vibro Separators.

Maize flour manufacturers have to maintain the highest standard of quality as Maize flour is by-product to many main products of the food industry as well as Animal feed industry. Understanding the quality requirement, we have been delivering Vibro Sifters & Separators that helps to achieve the high quality of Maize flour without compromising on output. To remove sand, lumps or any unwanted particles our sieves & separators can play a vital role.

These sifters are made of high quality and according to cGMP & FDA norms & guidelines. Made with Food grade gasket and rubber to ensure it meets the hygienic standard required for the Food industry.

Range of Solutions For Maize Flour Sieving Machine

Galaxy Sivtek is one of the leading Sieving & Filtering machine manufacturers & have been catering their solution to almost 12+ industries. Among those 12+ industries, food & pharmaceutical have been at our core focus as it demands high safety standards.

In the market, Maize flour is being used as raw material as well as the main material for many products so sieving requirement also varies as per application. Application to sieve Maize flour varies from industry to industry and requirement to requirement. Galaxy Sivtek provides you with around separator to centrifugal & rectangular also.

Galaxy Sivtek also gives you customized solutions as per the screening requirements. We not only provide the screening machine but a complete screening solution with 24X7 customer support to let your plant running night and day.

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maize flour


Sifters & Filters

Super gyro screener

01. Sivtek Super Gyro Separator

The most widely used screening machine. This machine utilizes electronic screening to revolutionize the industry by generating vibrational force that is 2X greater than conventional sieving machine.

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02. Super Sivtek®

With this heavy-duty vibratory screen, you will achieve 3 times more vibration & obtain higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than with a conventional sieving machine.

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03. Sivtek Roto Sifter®

With this heavy-duty vibratory screen, you will achieve 3 times more vibration & obtain higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than with a conventional sieving machine.

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04. Sivtek Tumbler Screen®

A robust design provides real-time solutions to low bulk density products. The 3D tumbling motion enables easy screening of particles by generating optimal results.

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sivtel self cleaning filter - mirror

05. Sivtek Self-cleaning Filter

Designed to filter watery liquid to extremely viscous liquid at once. The auto clean filter removes or separates all unwanted suspended solids present in the product.

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low headroom separator

06. Inline Sivtek®

A compact sieving solution that combines low headroom design with safety sieving & check screening applications that require fine mesh to sieve.

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