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Wheat Flour

wheat flour


After cutting the crop of wheat from the farms it comes for a milling. Before starting the milling process you should clean the wheat and remove unwanted particles like dust, crop grass, small stones etc. After cleaning the wheat, it goes for milling and then we got the whole wheat flour.

For white wheat flour or cake flour which is mostly used in bakery Items. It’s also a wheat flour but to make it people are processing the whole wheat flour and bleach it with some sort of chemicals are Azodicarbonamide, Chlorine Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Potassium Bromate.

After milling the wheat flour its sieve with Vibro separator and stored in some dry place where there are some chances of bug or you can insect will come in it. So, you need to screen it with a safety screening machine to remove all kind of bugs and other unwanted particles then finally it will go for packaging.

Improve your bakery products quality with Vibro Sifter

To prepare any biscuit, cake or any bakery Item so one thing is common to use which is wheat flour or you can say it cake flour. While we are processing the wheat flour there are some chances of contamination which is not good to make a quality product. To make a good quality biscuit or any other bakery item you must use a good quality of bakery flour which is sieved properly and most important that it should be free from unwanted particles.

The range of solutions for flour sieving machine

Different companies have different plant and requirements for their products. Some of them want a system which can fit in their existing production plant and helps to increase good quality and capacity they want, while few want it a fully separate system with customized solutions. Here our experts are playing a major role and suggest them the best solutions which is easily fit as well as gives the best throughput they required.

Galaxy Sivtek helps you to fulfill your requirements rather you want an Inline sifter or our centrifugal sieve which can be installed in your current system or a separate sieving machine. We have four different options for you which helps you to make your products much better.

sivtek vibro separator

vibro sifter
Wheat Flour


Sifters & Filters

Super gyro screener

01. Sivtek Super Gyro Separator

The most widely used screening machine. This machine utilizes electronic screening to revolutionize the industry by generating vibrational force that is 2X greater than conventional sieving machine.

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02. Super Sivtek®

With this heavy-duty vibratory screen, you will achieve 3 times more vibration & obtain higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than with a conventional sieving machine.

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03. Sivtek Roto Sifter®

With this heavy-duty vibratory screen, you will achieve 3 times more vibration & obtain higher throughput in ultra-fine mesh than with a conventional sieving machine.

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04. Sivtek Tumbler Screen®

A robust design provides real-time solutions to low bulk density products. The 3D tumbling motion enables easy screening of particles by generating optimal results.

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sivtel self cleaning filter - mirror

05. Sivtek Self-cleaning Filter

Designed to filter watery liquid to extremely viscous liquid at once. The auto clean filter removes or separates all unwanted suspended solids present in the product.

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low headroom separator

06. Inline Sivtek®

A compact sieving solution that combines low headroom design with safety sieving & check screening applications that require fine mesh to sieve.

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