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Bagasse Pulp

bagasse pulp


Bagasse pulp is the residue obtained from sugarcane. This is the best replacement for wood pulp. This pulp is used in different paper categories like packaging boxes, printing papers, tissues, and newsprint.

This pulp is now mixed with water and other chemicals for further processing. This mixer is put into a Vibro Sifter to separate the pulp and wastewater. Now, this wastewater can be further screened to separate clear water from wastewater. This process is known as backwater. Clearwater can be reused again in the mixer.

Galaxy Sivtek sifters provide superior quality and control which will help you to get desired output and ease the process flow.

Rectangular separator for herbal ayurvedic

vibro sifter
Bagasse Pulp


Sifters & Filters

Self cleaning filter

01. Sivtek Self-cleaning Filter®

Designed to filter watery liquid to extremely viscous liquid at once. The auto clean filter removes or separates all unwanted suspended solids present in the product.

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Vibro sifter

02. Sivtek Vibro Separator®

This SIVTEK gyratory separator is a peerless piece of sieving equipment that is effective for almost all screening, scalping, dedusting, filtering, and gradation tasks.

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gyro separator

03. Sivtek Super Gyro Separator®

The most widely used screening machine. This machine utilizes electronic screening to revolutionize the industry by generating vibrational force that is 2X greater than conventional sieving machine.

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inline liquid filter

04. Sivtek 360° Discharge Separator®

Provides optimal filtration for all liquid substances. Watery applications, as well as highly viscous materials, oversized particles, can be effectively strained with them by rotating their screening material 360 degrees.

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vibro screener

05. Linea Sivtek®

The new horizontal vibrating screen, called the Linea SIVTEK. This horizontal screening machine features a unique, single-to-dual screen deck design that ensures excellent screening efficiency & increases productivity

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vibro screen

06. Sivtek Rectangular Separator®

Rectangular separator provides you with a uniquely designed horizontal vibrating screener, which will revolutionize the way you screen difficult and tedious screening materials, and also achieve higher efficiency.

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