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Fabricated Parts For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Galaxy Sivtek offers you all genuine fabricated parts of sifters like Underpan, Transferchute / Feed Tray, Deck etc. with a thicker gauge of quality steel and reasonable price, which make your product last longer. We are making all the fabricated parts of round Vibro sifter, centrifugal sifter or self-cleaning filter for all major brands available in the market.

All major fabricated parts are given below, please check it and if you require any of them so please contact our sieving expert, they will help you.

Range of Fabricated Parts For All kind of Sifters & Self-Cleaning Filter

Lid Cover

Galaxy Sivtek manufacture full lead cover assembly as per your need. We can customize the lid as per your requirement. The lid is manufactured with an inspection window so you can check while its sieving or filtering the material. The lid is very helpful in dusty environments, it prevents the material from dusting & contamination. You can easily fix it or remove it with the set of toggle clamp.

To know more about it, please contact our Sivtek expert now.

Lead Cover For Sifter

Transferchute/Feed tray

To get the effective separation from one deck to another deck transferchute or you can say the feed tray plays a very effective role in it. It centralizes the material and passes it to another deck to sieve accordingly. Because of this, you will get the optimum result in gradation. It will help to get the maximum throughput with quality. We suggest you use this in all multiple deck system for gradation to get the optimum output.

To know more about it, please contact our Sivtek expert now.



Underpan is specially designed to get the final product from the sifter as fast as possible. The designed of an underpan make it happen. The main advantage of this underpan is its fully customizable, we can make it as per our requirement. Some people need different diameter, or some need different height or spout size. Everything is possible with it; we can build it as per our requirement. To know more please contact our expert now.


Deck is one of the most important part of the sifter, its designed according to the user requirement. Its inner surface is smooth (mirror finish) to prevent any kind of contamination and for few applications it outer part is also smooth as inner part. Its fully customizable and designed with different height, multiple spout and dia. With the help of this deck we support our mesh and sieve the material and it passes through the periphery of it and finally it comes out from the spout. To know more please contact our expert now.

Vibro Sifter Deck

Feeding Hopper

Feeding Hoppers are specially designed to work with vibro sifter and feeder to pass and control the amount of material being feed to the bowl. Its main work is to store the material and pass it into certain amount with the control device, we can decide the amount fed at one time. With the help of the hopper we prevent the overload of the deck and it reduce the need of an operator who manually fill the deck with material. This hopper is designed as per requirement that how much material we want to feed at a time in a single batch and according to that it releases the material in control way to make process better and smother. To know more please contact our expert now.

Feeding hopper with sifter

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