Inks & Paints

Inks & Paints

Liquid powder paint inks vibro separators Providing sieves, screeners, separators and filters to meet your needs of Liquid or Powder Paint sieving

Galaxy Sivtek offers standard and customized range of filters, screeners, separators and sieves to suit requirements for the paint industry. From small industries to large export terminal, Sivtek Screening Sieving equipments offer the right screener for each installation.

Inks & Paints Applications

Customer Success Stories


How SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter assisted a leading ink manufacturing company of Gujarat to increase quality by reducing the PPM by 45%.

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SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter assisted a leading brand of Sri-Lanka to increase paint quality with ZERO manual intervention.

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A global & largest acrylic emulsion manufacturer in India deployed SIVTEK Self Cleaning Filter to improve emulsion quality resulting continuous production of emulsion.

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Sieving of Various Inks & Paints Applications

We improve your paint products by removing foreign material or oversize particles from liquid paints and other paints as per your demands. Proper Size Classification of Powder Paints or pigments can be achieved by SIVTEK Vibro Separators.

  • Removal of Foreign Particles from Liquid Paints
  • Proper Size Classification of Powder Paints or pigments

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